How to downgrade your iphone to old IOS versions and jailbreak it to stop OTA update.

**NOTE: i am not responsible for anything impossible that might happen to your iphone**
Ok,just we have a sucessful downgrade of ios 6.1.3.and 6.1.2 both to 5.1.l. we can also do it for non jailbreakon users but the software update will start downloading the lastest ios by apple's OTA update,so i think its impossible to stop that software update for non-jailbroken iphone.we tried our old post's method(by using Sn0wbreeze) but itunes says errors like 1602,3194,....etc because apple won't give us to downgrade.So its important for us all to know how can we downgrade and jailbreak devices having such errors.follow the steps below(steps seems longer but may make you success if you strictly follow them: ifaith from here and open it: click here
2. click on "show Available SHSH caches on server" like shown in picture below. you will see available downgradable signed versions which were caught from apple before for your device as shown in picture below.
select the frimware which you want to downgrade or select just available jailbreakable one.,ifaith will download the available blobs to your now go back main menu of your ifaith and click on "Build*signed* IPSW w/Blobs".then select "browse for SHSH blobs".after that it will start to download the IPSW files required to restore your iphone....let it after the download you will see an file named"00000392FA10_iFaith_iPhone_3GS-5.1.1_(9B206)_signed.ipsw"on your desktop of pc.
 5)Grab your iphone and put it in DFU mode.if you don't know how see this guide by clicking here.After that open itunes and press "shift" + "ctrl" key of your keyboard.and it will bring browse window for the .IPSW file that ifaith has made by using blobs.and let the itunes do its job.You will not see any errors.
**If you see any errors while restoring iphone through itunes,download another SHSH blobs and create new IPSW from that blobs that will work for you.Or,repeat steps 1,2,3&4 again but choose another frimware version to download**
6)Iphone turns on ,after that your iphone remains to be we will use redsn0w to here to download it.
7)Open redsn0w that u have downloaded and put the iphone in DFU mode.after that click jailbreak button of redsn0w.
8)let redsn0w software do its works.And at last it says "done!!" in your PC's screen but it goes on working on iphone.well,wait and see until your iphone Boots completely.
9) same slide to unlock screen?? as before and same questions asked like before activation??.BUT,well now you are given to pass through those screen just keep on clicking next and all,NO NEED TO WORRY.
10)open cydia and let it download + update its components completely then,goto search of cydia and search for "ultrasnow" so that your sim reads.after that search "no update" in cydia and install it to stop the apple's forcing OTA updates.and dont ignore it,its important or you may get updated and loose your jailbreak again.............
                                                WELL ENJOY!!
                                By: Aakash Nepal:(enjoying and trying with you:)                                                          

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