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How to install skype and viber on iphone 3g ios 3.1.3:

1. Jailbreak  your iphone using sn0wbreeze for iOS 3.2.2 / 4.1 (you can download it by clicking here)
2. Download applications - here:
click here for Viber

3. Installation guide : using with the iTunes - need to be installed "AppSync for 4.0+" on your iPod touch / iPhone from cydia :(Cydia-sourse:
***make sure you get a backup of your applications before this steps because your iPhone gets sync***

###now here's how to install skype app from itunes###
1. Open iTunes in your PC.
2. Inside iTunes : Goto "Library" -> "Apps"
3. Click and Drag your "skype.ipa" there
4. Now Connect your iPod/iPhone to your PC
5. Goto  "Devices" -> "Your iPod/iPhone" -> "Apps" (on the top)
6. Mark "Sync Apps" and remember to choose skype
7. Press Sync then you are done

**remember while syncing your device,all your application which were in your device may get erased and we are not responsible for that**

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