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instructions for upgrading iphone 3g/2g/1g to whited00r's software i.e.5.0.1

make your iphone 3g/2g/1g run with apples ios 5

Just follow the steps below--
1)choose the firmwares from below
--If you need to unlock the device :(unlock-- make the iphone read your unregistered carrier/sim )
Download 5.0.1 unlocked for iphone 3g
--Download 5.0.1 for iphone 2g
--download 5.0.1 for iphone 1g

---if your iphone supports your current sim then..
Download 5.0.1 for iphone 3g
--download 5.0.1 for iphone 2g
--download 5.0.1 for iphone 1g

##make sure you have saved it on desktop###
***then open itunes and put the iphone in dfu mode(if you dont know how to put it in dfu click here) then follow the steps below:**
1)hold shift botton and click restore in the itunes in the iphone's menu
2)a window will pop up to select the downloaded select it and click ok..
3)iphone will be restored and a new software will be added so let the itunes complete its job after it...
4)itunes will ask you to choose whether to set iphone as a new or backup it as old software...(choose new one or you can get error no.65)
5) you are done and ready to serve the faster and ios 5 like functions but it will still be on ios 3.1.3..
***if you get error 65 your iphone will not be read to itunes and by computer... Restart the computer.. Let the iphone be in dfu mode again then reinstall the software...**
**Use dap10beta premium from net for free and download from it, if you have low network**

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