How to make iPhone speakers blow louder?-with advantages and defects

This questions answer I mean has a very difficult answers..well if u like it then I will give you the answers...:


1)first materials required are:a pin,piece of cloth and patience

2)see where your speaker are located in your iPhone..

3)you will see a silver coloured material like a fishing trap..then just pinch it with the help of pin/ needle..

4)carefully remove the silver colored material with a piece of cloth..don't be in hurry carefully take it out..

5)you are now there,your speaker blows 20% louder than before..

Here are some advantages and defects of it:


1)your iphone speaker will blow louder

2)your iPhone can now be played for louder voicemails


1)your iPhone will look little amazing and ugly

2)your inbuilt sound will blow little another type but not so bad ..

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