Do you know how to get free fishbucks in tap fish2?

Ha! If you are thinking about this think you are done,just follow these steps:
Step 1-
Download a app named"ifile" from cydia..
Step 2-
Open that app and click on search then write "localstore.XML" on it then search
Step 3-
Click on it and you will see HTML codes there
Step 4-
Search name " green snappers" look near it will see a word "coins" change that into "fishbucks"
Step 5-
Then see its price ,change that price into a any negetive number..remember it must be a negative number..
Step 6- if tap fish 2 then do same with "en.localstore.XML"too then it is done

By this you are done and go to tap fish application .. Now buy "green snappers" much time you will buy green snapper you will get that much fishbucks as you had entered negative. Number..

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